Pilgrim bracelet

The Pilgrim bracelet is the result of the commitment of Jael Joyería with Santiago de Compostela and the culture in the ‘Camino de Santiago’ (St. James’ Way). The Landmarks that make it up symbolise the history and the tradition of the pilgrim’s way, and have become the pilgrim’s second credential, as this jewellery can be adapted to their taste or their own experience on the Route.

The Pilgrim is, in fact, two different bracelets. One of its versions is made up of eight different symbols that lovers of the ways to Santiago can make up as they wish, by selecting up to eight symbols: the boot, pumpkin, the Apostle, the arrow, the ‘mogote’ (landmark indicating the distance to Compostela), the cross, the goose and the scallop shell.

The second of the versions is the Bracelet for the Milestones of the French Way, made up of eight other symbols that are purchased separately and only in the towns on the route of the French Way in Galicia. The eighth piece is given away free in Santiago, in Jael Joyería, to who can prove that they have undertaken the way by presenting the ‘Compostela’ or any of the customised stamps that will be stamped in the licensed sales outlets. Among the motifs represented are the chalice, representative symbol of the beginning of the French Way in Galicia, in O Cebreiro; Piselda or sandal, in Triacastela; the Merlon, in Sarria; the Staircase in Portomarín; the Altar Stone of Vilar de Donas, which will be sold in Palas de Rei; the Bridge, in Melide; the Lap, in Arzua; and the Shaft, in Santiago de Compostela.

Milestones of the ‘Camino’

Milestones on the French Way


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