A saga of jewelers

The history of Jael Joyería is that of a saga of jewelers born in Cedeira (A Coruña) more than half a century ago. In 1952, the brothers Ricardo and Aladino Fernández Aneiros began their professional career in their father’s house taking care of jewelry orders in quite precarious conditions.

Only two years later, the fame of their good work allowed them to open a jewelry and watchmaking workshop in Ferrol, the seed of what in its second generation is already linked to such representative establishments as Jael Jewelry, in Santiago and A Coruña.

The Royal Household as a client

With the expansion and start-up of their own manufacturing workshop, in 1972 the Fernández brothers began to attend to orders from the Royal Household, Ministries, Heads of Government, Embassies and the Spanish Navy. Ricardo and Aladino managed to establish a seal of quality and trust that they were able to transmit to their descendants, who are responsible for their legacy at the time of the generational handover.

The generational changeover

Ricardo’s firstborn son. José María Fernández began his solo career in 1994 when he opened Jael Joyería in Santiago de Compostela, in General Pardiñas Street, already glimpsing the potential of one of the most emblematic commercial areas of the capital of Galicia.

The project, which was joined two years later by his wife, Esperanza Fernández, began with the backing of the most prestigious brands in jewelry, watches and accessories.

The intention was to become a reference for the whole region in the sale of exclusive products of excellent quality.

Arrival at the modernist center of A Coruña

In 2007 Jael Joyería opened its second jewelry store in Lugo, in the emblematic Plaza de Ángel Fernández Gómez, an establishment that in 2015 moved to the modernist center of A Coruña. The expansion culminated with the opening of two new Rolex Spaces in Santiago and A Coruña, the only unique points of sale of the Swiss firm in northwestern Spain.

A great team and a supportive company, the basis for success

At all times José María Fernández and Esperanza Fernández have been fortunate to be surrounded by an excellent professional and technical team, capable of responding to the challenges of the future and of transmitting to their clientele the confidence that is the hallmark of the company.

From the beginning, Jael Joyería decided to get involved in social projects; the result of this are the collaborations with groups such as the Fundación Andrea for the support of children with long term illnesses; the Federación Down Galicia; the Asociación de Padres o Tutores de Personas con diversidad Intelectual de Lugo (Aspnais); or the Asociación de Ayuda a Niños Oncológicos de Galicia (Asanog).

For them, she has created exclusive collections, the profits from which go to charity projects. In addition, Jael Joyería is present in many sporting and cultural events, supporting the promotion of heritage and arts and the organization of golf, paddle tennis, gymnastics or horse riding tournaments.