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Boutique Joyería Jael


Rolex's relationship with Jael dates back to 1975, even before the existence of Jael's first store in Compostela.

Joyería Jael history

We come from a family line originating from the Ferrol coast and our immediate ancestor, Ricardo Fernández Aneiros, was already an official distributor of Rolex in his Ferrol establishment since the 1970s.

Joyería Jael birth history

Jael Joyería originated in Santiago de Compostela in 1994, founded by José María Fernández and currently managed by himself and his wife Esperanza Fernández. Today it has two establishments in Santiago and A Coruña.

Joyería Jael history of evolution

The rapid growth of Jael Joyería has always gone hand in hand with Rolex, transmitting the values and way of working in a continuous search for excellence for its customers.
It began with the jeweller’s in Santiago and has continued with the inauguration of our establishment in A Coruña, which has turned us into a reference jeweller’s in both cities.